Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Hydraulics Specialist

What to Look For When Choosing an Industrial Hydraulics Repair or Remanufacturing Company

Whether you’re buying from them, doing business with them, hiring them or thinking of working for them, it always pays to check a business’s reputation. You want to make sure that the company you’re going to work with has safety measures in place to guarantee the safety of your machinery and its workers.  Selecting the right  company to work on your machinery is a process you have to be smart about. The company with the lowest price isn’t always the right one. In some cases a company will quote a project with a price that is too low accidentally. This happens from time to time in large industrial companies. A company is trying to merge into the industry but does not have enough knowledge to properly bid the job. As you request and RFP you have to protect yourself by looking out for tell-tale signs that this is happening.

ndustrial Hydraulics RepairChoose a One-Stop Shop

When choosing the right industrial maintenance & remanufacturing company, you should rely on a service provider who can provide single source design, fabrication, and installation all in one place. This is something that not all industrial companies can do. This factor makes a huge difference when it comes to quality of work you will receive as well as savings that your service provider will pass on to you.

Doing a little research into the company you want to deal with

When selecting an industrial maintenance company, you want a partner you can rely on with all the services and features your company needs. Research is your secret weapon. Look up any reviews. How long have they been in business? What is thier experience? Do they have references/portfolio? What are thier strengths? Do they perform thier work in house or do they send it out? Do they have emergency services? Do they understand your business model? Do they provide a warranty on thier services?

Use online tools such as, Glassdoor, Hoovers, Better Business Bureau etc. to learn about thier reputation.  Look at thier social media platforms, many times you will see reviews and interaction on Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Not all companies are created equal

Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics has the experience and capabilites to repair and remanufacture most all makes and models of cylinders, no matter the size or application. With our multiple hones, lathes, boring mills, straightening presses and torque benches, we can handle most any size of cylinder. We also repair accumulators, intensifiers and swivels (rotary manifolds). We have expert service technicians that have a passion for getting the job done right. With highly skilled laborers, top-of-the-line equipment and creative minds, we are capable of just about anything.  Any service we provide to our customers that have any mechanical issues within one year of service, we will repair or replace our workmanship at no charge. Customer Service is Our Priority!

Our technicians can go to your site to troubleshoot your machinery at times convenient to your production.

Using our custom-designed cylinder maintenance table, we can completely remanufacture cylinders of any size maintaining OEM specifications.

Presses, balers, & compactors:
If the machine can be transported for remanufacturing we can haul it for you or you can freight it to our facility.

Static and dynamic testing up to 10,000 psi with a 200 gallon test bench for even the largest of bores and strokes.

Field Service:
Our service trucks are fully equipped so that we can safely troubleshoot, remove and install cylinders on site. We work with the following:

  • Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders (NFPA/Metric)
  • Mill type cylinders
  • Tie rod cylinders
  • Large bore cylinders
  • Telescoping cylinders
  • Multi-stage cylinders
  • Mobile/heavy equipment
  • Rod straightening
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Bore welding, honing and sizing
  • Chrome services available
  • Complete machining and welding capabilities

Since 2004, Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics has exceeded expectations and delivered superior hydraulic and pneumatic field services to customers across the state and globe. We are well known for upholding the industry’s highest standards and matchless capabilities. With highly equipped service trucks, a full service machine and fabrication shop, and top quality talent, Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics continues to provide 24/7 professional service. As the elite provider in the southeast, we will continue to decrease the bottom line for our customers with integrity, proven experience, and service excellence.

Machining Services In Tampa

Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics offers precision machining, milling and turning, and fabrication in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Lightning Bay is your one stop precision machine shop!

Machining Services in TampaLightning Bay Pneu-Draulics is a service based company which provides customers with all of the offerings of a Machine Shop. LBP is dedicated providing high value in the production of custom metal fabrication, industrial steel fabrication, turnkey aluminum fabrication and custom stainless steel fabrication. Our staff includes engineers, technicians and assemblers capable of managing or guiding your industrial metal fabrication.

Our full service machine shop ensures top notch quality control for your components and systems. All cylinders, pumps and motors are tested before they leave our facility.

Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics has been in business since 2004 providing world-class large part machining services to customers in many industries. Since then, a strong team of expert machinists, continuous investment in the latest technology equipment, and consistent performance have driven us along a path of steady growth. All of our projects are carefully planned and monitored, and we are on-call 24/7 to ensure top quality results on specification, on time, and on budget. We are experts at working with all types of materials.

At Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics, our capabilities are nearly endless. We have expert service technicians that have a passion for getting the job done right. With highly skilled laborers, top-of-the-line equipment and creative minds, we are capable of just about anything.


Hydraulic Repair

From large scale Horizontal Boring Mill (HBM) to Machining projects, we can help.

  • Hydraulic Services
    • Complete repair, remanufacture and testing hydraulic and pneumatic components. The caliber of work that we do allows us to offer our customers a one year warranty.
  • Machine Turning
    • Precision turning and facing of small and large shafts, we are highly proficient when it comes to lathe work.
  • Precision Milling
    • Whether your requirements include complex 3D contours or simple drill and tap projects, we provide a full spectrum of million processes.
  • Welding & Fabrication
    • Certified welders with all the right equipment are available to help with your most challenging welding, assembly and fabrication projects.
  • Re-Manufacturing
    • Our experienced technicians can help with your equipment rebuilding, reconditioning, or complete overhaul services requirements.
  • Testing
    • Our full service machine shop ensures top notch quality control for your components and systems. All cylinders, pumps and motors are tested before they leave our facility.


Whatever the job calls for, Lighting Bay Pneu-Draulics can ensure that all related services are done to specifications and are of the highest quality.


Dependable Hydraulic & Machining Services

Hydraulic Field ServicesLightning Bay Pneu-Draulics is a full service hydraulic and mechanical shop, complete with a substantial machine and fabrication shop. These capabilities enable us to manufacture or repair hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and repair valves, pumps, motors and other hydraulic or complex mechanical equipment. We are particularly skilled at replicating hard to find parts or repairing machinery no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

We are a full service Hydraulic Contractor. We provide field services to Marine and Industrial customers. We provide shop services including, manufacturing, machining, welding, fabrications, remanufacturing of components, and have years of experience in the repair, replacement, and rebuilding of hydraulic components including hydraulic cylinders, hoses, hydrostatic, pumps, etc.

At Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics we retain a full-time, in-house staff comprised of trained mechanics, Certified Welders, and a Certified Fluid Power Expert. Offering more experience than most hydraulic shops in the area, we have the capabilities to provide service on cranes, backhoes, trucks, telescoping cylinders, crawler tractors, swing cylinders, PWR steering cylinders, Schwartz Loader Cylinders, Do-All Cylinders, and all farm equipment cylinders.

We truly are your custom solution for every hydraulic scenario. Our continually updated machining equipment allows us to develop increasingly diversified cylinder designs – longer, bigger, shorter, etc.

WeldingWe have a reputation for getting the job done right the first time, while only repairing and replacing those parts that need it. Through comprehensive testing, our technicians stringently inspect every hydraulic unit for wear, durability and damaged components to ensure that you receive the most effective repair possible.

Our mission is to reduce your downtime, which helps your bottom line. We are on-call 24/7 if any emergencies should arise and at any given time we promise to troubleshoot, repair, install, breakdown or maintain your fluid power systems to the best of our ability. Our service technicians are always prepared and carry all the necessary passes and cards to ensure proper access to your facility when you need us most.

We take pride in our work and aim to satisfy our customer base 100%.