Lightning Bay Companies

We have the power to get jobs done right.

Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics is a leading marine and industrial maintenance company in Tampa, Florida.  We test, troubleshoot, install, remanufacture,  and redesign hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, valves, winches, and more. Our capabilities surpass all others as all of our fabrication is completed in-house.  Our client list is a virtual who’s who of top companies in the marine, industrial, food processing, mining, fertilizer, chemical and amusement park industries.

Lightning Bay Industrial provides industrial construction services in the greater Tampa Bay area and beyond.  Our staff of skilled professionals work hard to meet the customer’s needs and completing every job on-time and under budget.  Whether it’s a small concrete job or a large, full-scale construction project, Lightning Bay is the best choice.

Our Locations

Tampa Headquarters
1235 S. 82nd Street
Tampa, FL 33619

1851 E 21st Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206