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Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics is a leading marine and industrial maintenance company in Tampa, Florida.  We test, troubleshoot, install, re-manufacture,  and redesign hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, valves, winches, and more. Our capabilities surpass all others as all of our fabrication is completed in-house.  Our client list is a virtual who’s who of top companies in the marine, industrial, food processing, mining, fertilizer, chemical and amusement park industries.

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  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Services

  • Field & Shop Services

  • Welding & Fabrication

  • Machining & Re-manufacturing

  • Fluid Power Specialty Services


  • Marine Services

  • Cylinders & Presses

  • Gearboxes & Winches

  • Heavy & Mobile Equipment

  • Pumps, Motors & Valves

Since 2004, Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics has exceeded expectations and delivered superior hydraulic and pneumatic field services throughout the United States, upholding the industry’s highest standards and matchless capabilities. With highly equipped service trucks, a full service machine and fabrication shop, and top quality talent, Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics continues to provide 24/7 professional service, while maintaining job schedules and reducing costs.

Certified by the International Fluid Power Society, its employees surpass customer’s expectations while serving a vast array of industries from marine, manufacturing, metal processing, phosphate, to mining, fertilizer, chemical, heavy equipment and amusement parks. As the elite provider in the Southeast, Lightning Bay Pneu-Draulics strives to reduce the bottom line for its customers with integrity, proven experience and service excellence.

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