Welcome To Lightning Bay Industrial

What makes LBI stand out from other construction companies?

At Lighting Bay we adhere to a construction process that ensures the highest standards are met. Integrity is the corner stone of LBI and defines every aspect of how we provide the products and services to our clients.

Since founding Lightning Bay Companies, our primary focus has been to develop client relationships based on honesty and integrity . This philosophy, along with the employment of a skilled and technically qualified team  to serve client needs, has earned Lightning Bay Industrial an honorable reputation defined by our dedication to work and our guarantee to provide an excellent product.  Experience, accountability, and employee loyalty is critical at every level and facet of our business.

We believe no one is above being accountable. Service Guaranteed – What we guarantee with our work.


Lightning Bay Industrial takes pride in its leadership of in the construction industry, not only for the quality product we provides, but also for our high company standards of safety and performance. Our company’s success is based on the foundation of exceptional accomplishments, with an eye on innovation for the future.


Lightning Bay Industrial boasts the knowledge and experience to execute projects of any size from planning to completion, placing the utmost importance on efficiency and time sensitivity delivering a seamless process. We take pride in our work and our ability to meet owner demands while providing the best-finished product according to their schedule.

Services and Capabilities Our highly trained technicians excel in the following areas:

Lasting Relationships

We are in business to create lasting relationships and treat our clients the way we want to be treated!


Dedicated to providing quality construction products and services to our customers by maintaining the highest level of safety, integrity and innovation, while remaining environmentally responsible and fostering growth in our employees and communities.

Expertise, Efficiency & Accuracy

We pledge to serve every client with the highest levels of sincerity, fairness, courtesy, respect and gratitude, delivered with unparalleled responsiveness, expertise, efficiency and accuracy.

Experience in the Construction Industry

Our range of experience in the construction industry extends beyond three quarters of a century.

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